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Dribble Drive Motion for young players.


Video example about the article writted before.

Tactic option to promote 1x1 and empty spaces, in young ages.


The player with the ball, in his 1x1 needs to enable the help of the strong side.

At the same instant, offense player without the ball in strong side, tactically have three concept game options zoom in, zoom out or cut.

Here I discuss the option of zoom in, the other two can be included, but in another "battle" I'll expose them below.

La idea es aprovechar a parte de la profundidad del campo,la altura.(espacio que deja el penetrador detras suyo)

Rule 1: 1x1 ball generated right on the right hand, has an answer to 1x1 post pass left.

Rule 2: The 1x1 should be generated with verticality, to enable the help, near bottle.

Rule 3: A 1x1 generator should be opened out quickly to the same side where the ball has gone.

Rule 4: You must provide the defense to shut down even more. The options of "eating" a short pass and look for a shot at 1 / 2 distance is good.

Can be performed in cycles against a team that floats, or against a closed zone defense.

The game can be ennriched depending on the dribble, you can play with back door, or in depth,zoom out. (Traditional)