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12 Pick&Roll offense options, against large flash and 90º, 120º show deffense.


1. Pointguard option who break on dribble.

2. Pointguard option who break ondribble with cross handing.

3. Pointguard andshooter option when her own deffense, pass behind, 3rd 4th man. Repick, shoot screen or new ballscreen.

4. Pointguard or shooter option. ballscreen fake for one side, but change it on last second.

5. Center or forward option, who fell down to zone, to recive into the paint.

6. Good opyion for forward or center with good shoot. Ballscreen and open up.

7. Forward or center option into the paint who recive from weak triangulation.

8. Shooter and forward option. Open up and extra pass to the shooter

9. shooter forward and shooter or center option into the paint who recive from ball side triangulation.

10. Big men triangulation options. HIGH-LOW, and LOW-UP.

11. Shooter good option, who recive a screen after ballscreen,playing the advantatge.

12. Small forward option or shooter, who recive a ballscreen after the fist one, playing the other side to keep advantatge.

Comunication and rotate on help the helper exercise.Perfect in preseason.

Tw:16"+offense transition.


Series: 10 rep.

Twt: 25'

Focus a)Sin bote,evitar canasta en 16"

Focus b)con un bote, evitar canasta en 16"

Focus c)1x1 libre, evitar canasta o tiro còmodo en 16"

Focus d)1x1+cortes y rotaciones, evitar tiros, neutralizar 1x1, forzar faltas de ataque, rotaciones (help the helper).

Focus e)5x4 opción de bloqueos directes. (libres opciones de defensa del BD a cargo del coach)

Secondary work: Last passe man and shooter or 1x1 defense transition, other three players play an offense transition with 6sec to shoot.