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Who I am?

My name is Estevee Caballol and whenever I wanted to do things, usually I have achieved.

The struggle for challenges, has made many stages of the path of my life.

I remember starting to play basketball when I was a child in an already established team of cadets, was not easy, but I got to the 1st senior team. I started playing guitar when I had fourteen, and with 19 years in a band demo competition, we won a top 40 music. At the same time, with the Boy Scouts begun to love nature and thanks them, I know the Pyrenees and its corners, having topped its highest peaks before 18 years.

Thanks to basketball and my passion for it, I start training with 15 years young teams in town, while playing, this will make me look INEF Physical Education in Barcelona (CAFE).

At this point, my life takes an unexpected turn, but positive, will forever change my future.

The summer of 98 I am invited to campus Elite Jove, where the hand of many coaches, I see the reality of the basketball out of my village, the appetite to know more and explore (and from small), it makes me leave my club all the life and begin to travel through Catalonia learning about different methodologies, different philosophies, sports projects, etc.. In other clubs.

"Great souls have wills ... the only weak desire." (Socrates)

This sentence is that, from that day until today, has accompanied me most.

In my second year of college, and taking clear he wanted to be a good coach, but he also wanted economic stability.

That is why during the five-year career working summers auxiliary firefighter, accumulating points and experience, and then overcome one of the toughest competitions, access to professional fire in Catalonia. I get a year to finish his degree, which will give me a great foundation to serve as coach.

Currently sixteen years of coaching the backs, more than twenty-led teams, nine years of professional firefighter, and happily married with a child; ... me and my friend Socrates is a wink, as you know I can not stop .. . I like that!